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Our Story

2010 - Today

Hi I'm Sandy and welcome to Scrapbooking Fanatics! 10 years ago I decided to follow a dream and start an online scrapbook store. Together with my family and loyal customers I am able to watch my vision grow and for that I am so thankful!

When we started out, our team consisted of one passionate creator. Sandy Hobbs started with just a website, a small store in her house and a knack for connecting with her fellow scrapbookers, card-makers and mixed media lovers. As the business continued to grow, Scrapbooking Fanatics began to transform into something so much more than an online store. In 2015 we opened our first store front and gradually our staff grew to include additional sales associates eager to provide for our loyal customers. For 5 years in light of these advancements, our business operated not only through an online presence but also as an in-store retailer inspiring the crafter in all of us. 

The truth is, you never know where life will take you and recently the Hobbs family have embarked on a new exciting journey to prove just that. They have decided to and will soon be moving to British Colombia in the near future! Due to this relocation, Scrapbooking Fanatics will be operating solely as an online retailer until further notice.

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